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Luck Subliminal – Isochronic


Luck Subliminal – Raise your luck vibrations with positive affirmations.

Luck comes in all forms.  You could be lucky in love or money.  You could be lucky in health or sports.  What do you want to be lucky at?

Increase your luck with Luck Subliminal.  Luck Subliminal gives you positive luck affirmations and soothing music to help you to raise your vibrations and allow you to experience more luck in your life.

Luck Subliminal is also available in Binaural beats

Studies show that it takes approximately 66 days, at the minimum, to form a habit. Habits can be hard to change, but not impossible.  First, you must be willing to make a change. Change can be scary.  But in order for us to grow and become happy and successful, we need to allow it to happen.

According to Biologist, Bruce Lipton, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to get rid of annoying habits or to help us improve ourselves by learning a new habit or way of thinking and doing things that will bring about change for the better in our lives.

For instance, if you lack confidence, you may read books about gaining more confidence and understand the ideas the books put forth.  But if your subconscious mind is blocked against the idea that you can become a confident person, then you have to work to change that.

According to Dr. Lipton, the subconscious mind is a “habit mind”.  In other words, you must repeat the message or habit you are trying to learn, to your subconscious mind over and over in order for it to learn the new behavior.

We do this by using phrases and positive affirmations, played at a low volume and partially masked with music or ambient sounds.  We specifically direct these phrases and affirmations through your subconscious mind by creating conditions where your subconscious mind is more susceptible to suggestions.  When your subconscious is more able to accept suggestions it helps create a positive change for things such as gaining more confidence, making healthier food choices, or even help with overcoming obstacles.

Take the time to listen to these videos daily.  Your subconscious mind will have more success if are consistent with the new ideas you are trying to get your subconscious to grab ahold of.  But, if you do miss a day or two here or there, don’t worry.  It won’t set you back.

Here are some tips to help make your new habit stick:

  • Give yourself permission to be happy and successful in making your change. There is nothing wrong with wanting success in your life, this includes financial freedom.
  • Do not allow other people to project their fears and insecurities on you. Although most people mean well, only you can be responsible for your own happiness.
  • Surround your self with positive reinforcement. Keep inspirational notes on your bathroom mirror or your computer monitor. Unfollow people on your social media that are constantly negative.  Instead, look for people who are always posting motivational messages or positive ideas.  Make your social media a place to inspire growth.
  • Always speak your success as a present fact and not a future plan. But, there is a trick to this.  You can’t say, “I am a CEO” or “I own a Yacht” if it’s not true.  Your subconscious knows this isn’t currently your truth and won’t accept this. Instead of saying things like, “I want to do that one day”, the trick to speaking in the present is to instead say “I am happy to be moving forward with my goals” or “I am moving closer and closer to my goals each day”.
  • Create a plan. Creating a plan or a vision board will help you get a greater picture of what you want out of your life.  It helps you get a crystal-clear image that will enable you to begin to truly feel as though these things can be yours.
  • Identify the things that are holding you back. It’s important to find out what it is that is holding you back from changing a habit or creating a new one.  Once you figure out why it makes it easier to take steps to clear the blockage so you can move forward.
  • Practice gratitude. Keeping a feeling of gratitude in your heart really does help raise your vibrational frequency and opens you up to receiving more and more.

For best results, listen daily.

Tips for using Isochronic tones:

  • Do not use while driving or operating heavy equipment or machinery;
  • Set aside enough listening time in a quiet and relaxing place where you will not be disturbed;
  • Headphones are not required for isochronic tones, but the can be used;
  • Always listen to the audio at a comfortable level;

Studies have shown isochronic tones to be safe and effective.  As with any audio that contains, hypnotic, meditative, or deeply relaxing material or subject matter, consult with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to use. Isochronic tones should never take the place of a doctor’s treatment plan but instead, used in conjunction.

Some people are more sensitive to certain tones and may find they can cause an adverse reaction.  If you find you have a sensitivity to any tone, please discontinue use.

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