There are many factor that can influence video playback.  These can include your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices.  If you are having trouble please try these simple fixes.

Switch to “Auto” in the quality menu.

Every video contains a gear symbol in the lower right corner of the video.  Click on this gear to see what video mode you are currently in.  “Auto” is default.  We recommend using the default seeing to avoid buffering delays.  If for some reason “Auto” is not available, switch to one of the lower quality options.

Audio bar for videos shows gear icon

Disable any browser extensions, plugins, or add-ons.

Sometimes third-party programs can cause issues during video playback.  This includes blocked video segments, dropped frames, buffering, etc.  If you are having trouble, disable your active extensions.  If this corrects the issue, try enabling them one by one to see which of the plugins are causing the problem.  Open a separate window to access the plugins, then each time you try a plugin, refresh the video page.  If you need help finding your browser plugins, just type in “Where to find my browser plugins” in your browser search box.  Whatever browser you use will have directions on how to access your extensions, plugins, and add-ons.  For best video playback we recommend using Chrome.  If you are still having issues, contact Video Support.

Close excess browser tabs or applications.

Keeping too many tabs and applications open can make everything run slower, including video playback — especially on a mobile device.  It’s easy to forget which apps are running on your mobile device.  Make sure that you completely close out or disable apps instead of minimizing their windows.

Clear your browser’s cache

A simple way to help with many different issues, including video playback is to refresh/clear your browser cache.  Follow this link to learn how to refresh your browser’s cache

Update your browser.

Your favorite browser’s software is always being improved upon.  Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser for the best performance.  Click here to find the latest version of each browser.

Restart your router or modem.

Resetting your router or modem can refresh your connection and improve video playback.  Try disconnecting the power cord for a minute or two then reconnecting to perform a hard reboot.  Contact your Internet Service Provider if you have any questions about resetting your modem.

Please note: The quality of your video playback is largely dependent on how your Internet Service Provider or Mobile Provider connects you to the video servers.  Keep in mind that your overall internet speed can vary depending on many factor, including but not limited to:

  • time of day
  • Wifi performance
  • other devices
  • users utilizing your connection, and
  • the strength of the signal provided by your Internet Service Provider

If you are you are still having problems or need assistance please contact video support.