Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can I hear the person talking in your subliminal audios?  I thought you weren’t supposed to hear the talking?

A: That is a misconception.  If the voice in the audio is completely downed out by the music and/or beats or tones, it will not be effective. Your brain needs to receive the message the subliminal is conveying an dit can’t do that unless it hears it.  Our subliminal audios are designed to play barely loud enough for you to hear.  They are accompanied by either a delta or deep theta beat or tone to quiet your mind and body.  This allows you to hear and absorb the subliminal audios better than if you were awake.

Q: How do I listen to the sleep videos at night?  Can I use earbuds or headphones?

A: We do not recommend using earbuds or headphones while sleeping.  Earbuds and headphones can cause pain if used too long.  Instead, use a speaker.  There are several inexpensive Bluetooth speakers available and other devices you can use to play the audio at night.  Just remember if you are using your mobile device there might be data restrictions.  Always contact your mobile carrier to make sure you won’t go over your data plan.